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Though it’s quite late to response this tag, but I managed to complete it as it’s simple, easy, and not even requires much time to do it. Doing tag can release my tension after having one paper for my final exam just now. Two more paper to go! I’ll be sitting on next paper tomorrow while the last paper is on Tuesday next week. Wish me luck :)

1. Choose any picture you like most and put your picture here

(Upa, I transform the question into English version after modified the first question because I refused to put my profile picture here since I have another picture that I prefer most) .

2. Describes does this picture means to you.

This picture was taken right after our “akad nikah” on 27th February 2009, which presents the beauty of nature as the original prop behind and we looked like “angel” because of white costumes. That was the precious moment in my life. It connotes the happiness of the first day I was called a wife :)

3. What makes you choose this picture?

The scenery behind caught my eyes besides refreshing my sweet memory every time I look at this picture. The scenery has also represented a calm feeling inside my heart.

I choose to tag everyone who is reading my blog now, especially to my dear friends, Widyana, Ferida Erlyda including my beloved senior, Kak Maddy.

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