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I was tagged by my elder sis, Nurul Ulfa Abdul Aziz.

1. What were you doing 5 years ago?

2004 –I received my SPM result (I would say the level is average, I am not a straight A’s student) and a couple months later I was offered to go through an interview for getting scholarship in furthering study-Bachelor Education in TESL. Then, I was qualified for twinning-programme between UPSI and Sultan Abdul Halim Teacher training college for six years under the scholarship from Ministry of education, with one condition-becoming an English teacher in secondary school of Malaysia. I have no other better choices and my parents looked happy so I accepted it wholeheartedly. Then, that was my first time I'd been so far away from my parents and learnt to be independent.

2005 – I was in IPSAH and doing foundation course for my degree. IPSAH is the place where I learnt a lot of things, bitter and sweet…

2006 – I was still in IPSAH and one day, I got a message from a guy through SMS named Fahmi. He said he was attracted to me and proposed me then I rejected him after having a blind date with another unknown guy. Think about it again, how silly I was for easily accepting a guy as my "special boyfriend" only after a day of blind date. Few months later, we broke up due to misunderstanding and terrible fight until one day Fahmi approached me again saying that before he went to Japan, he wanted me to be his soul mate, asked me to wait for him…At the same time, I lost a best friend, he left me for the reasons I never know why, I felt disappointed to see her goes with another “hoo-haa” friends. I tried to hide my feelings and pretended like nothing happened while everybody kept asking, why we were not close anymore. Well, that was the time I felt so immature, perhaps my maturity rate was still in "high-school mode", a teenager who needs friends standing by my side, I have millions of friends but to be closed with someone like “real best friend” is not easy. Since that day, I was not dependent to friends anymore, I built my strength and always being good with everybody. Thank God, I still have him- Fahmi, the thing I always grateful :)…

2007- In the mid of 2007, I went to UPSI and started a campus life here. I tried to add extra money for daily expenditure by selling snacks. The best experience I have ever had, I did it alone and gained much profits, It was no longer in progress after one semester because it was really tiresome! .. :P..my relationship with Fahmi was really good though we had a long-distance relationship. We put a trust and tolerance as the key of successful relationship...

2008- I was engaged!! Still in UPSI doing my degree..tired of assignments and never stopped counting days of ending up my degree as soon as possible…then my plan of getting married in 2009 was like a dream came true…I was married in 27th February 2009!! Alhamdulillah, Thanks abang!!, I knew you will never break your promise to take me as your wife, like what you have told me 4 years ago, “ fami akan datang ,kita akan kawin“, “ fami janji takkan persiakan ani”…

2.What were the 5 things on your to do list today?

Go to class, doing assignments, in the process of settling my VISA to meet my husband in Japan
, sitting For a test of Literature subject and bought habbatus sawda ..

3. What were the 5 snacks that you enjoy-

all kinds of fattening foods- Ice Cream, Chocolates, cookies, cakes, and yogurt.So many to be listed...

4. What are the 5 things that you do if you are a billionaire

Wow..How I wish I could be a billionaire… but never imagine myself to be a billionaire actually….

1 Go to Makkah for Haj and Umrah ;)
2 Pay Zakat and donate some to Islamic countries.
3 Build up a school and start a business with my husband and eldest brother, Dr. Firdaus
4 Buy basic needs such as house , car and improve my lifestyle-simple and moderate...
5 Further study and travel to Japan to meet my husband!! Ngeh~~ :b

5. Who are the 5 person you wanna tag-

Woops, sorry...Nobody because none is interested to be tagged by me..mm.. (Thanks Upa) my elder sis- for tagging me :), I was noted after having read your blog.. Actually I didn’t know how to do tagging so I just copy paste all this things in Microsoft Words and answer the question provided ..waa..sorry ..IT illiterate..ngeh~~ :B

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